When The Gym Fails, Depression Kicks In

When The Gym Fails, Depression Kicks In

My best friend, Ann, has always been a little bit chubby since we were kids.  As we approached adolescent age, she became more conscious of her appearance.  She has tried dieting, but she finds it hard to resist eating.  Another friend of ours gave her the idea of why not try going to the gym.


She did get a part-time job to pay for the membership fee.  She was enthusiastic about it at first.  She has high hopes that this time, she will lose some weight.  A few months had passed, but nothing much has changed.  The used to be three times a week in the gym becomes twice, then once, until she just gave up.


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I noticed that she no longer joins us that much, started missing our classes, and even quit her part-time job.  I started to worry about Ann.


It was the second time that week that she missed school again.  I decided to drop by their house after class.   Her mom told me she’s sick, and won’t see anyone, but I insisted.  I climbed her room, and saw her just sitting by her table.  I sneaked in and she was surprised.   She has no more alibis this time.  She looks well except for one thing I noticed.   There’s loneliness and a look of disappointment in her eyes.   The used to be jolly Ann was not in the room with me.


She told me she was suffering from depression and was seeing a therapist.  The diet and gym both ineffective in helping her to lose weight are the culprit.  She feels humiliated by the extra pounds she keeps on gaining and the big size of her body.  She was afraid that no boys would like her while we are all already dating.


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In the gym, she was asked to do many exhausting workouts to no avail.   She met a lot of people who used to be like her but was able to achieve the weight they’re aiming for.  They seemed happy as they come in and out of the gym.  That made her more depressed.  Why not her?  She was asking herself, what’s wrong with her.


There are instances when gym and dieting are not to be blamed, and you don’t have to be sad.


There are other reasons why you are not losing weight no matter how much effort you put into exercising.



Your genes can play a significant role why you are continuously gaining weight or why you were chubby since childhood.  You are likely to be in the heavy weight side if you have obese parents, though that is not always the case.



Slow metabolism can cause you to gain more weight.  You tend to burn fewer calories than others.



Not having adequate amount of sleep is hazardous to your health and may threaten your waist line size.  A new research conducted in Sweden recommend that you must pay attention to your sleep.  Not having enough hours of sleep can lead to weight gain.  People with chronic sleep problems or those working in irregular shifts are likely to develop a slow down in their metabolism.


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Why are you hitting the gym?  Are you committed to going to the gym in order to lose those pounds, or to become healthy?


In anything you do, it is essential to know what your long-term goal is.  It is where you got to set your mind to in order to achieve success.  Exercising to stay healthy is better than focusing on losing weight.  It will make you treat going to the gym more of a normal routine that your body needs (like eating and sleeping) rather than an obligation or a sacrifice (you got to do in order to lose weight).


Being committed to your health and well-being, physically and mentally, is far more important than any pound you are trying so hard to lose.