The Easiest Ways To Encourage Your Partner To Eat Healthily

The Easiest Ways To Encourage Your Partner To Eat Healthily

Having a partner or a lover is like having a buddy with you all the time. Unlike with being single, being in a relationship is like having an extension of yourself. However, the chances are that he or she may have a different lifestyle and eating habits which may not be in line with your healthy style. 




What’s next on your to-do list? Influence your partner to follow your lifestyle and live a healthier every day with you. Here are the easiest steps to do that:  


Replace Your Unhealthy Snacks With Healthy Alternatives 

Instead of stocking up your fridge with junk food and high-fat chips all the time, try adding and replacing half of them with healthy snacks like granola bars, frozen yogurt, frozen fruit bars, or even the healthy and low-calorie version of ice cream and cookies.  




It’s better when your partner’s cravings unexpectedly happen; you only have the right and nutritious alternatives available at your home. There are no nagging or possible fights here. Replace the junk, and you’re good to go.  


Snack And Eat Them Together 

If fitness coaches suggest having a friend or buddy in exercising and working out, experts also say it is much better if you have someone with the same goals to eat with. However, rather than you being influenced by your partner, you should be the one to foster excellent and healthy eating habits between the two of you.  


Sooner or later, you will find your partner having a good way of eating, similar to you. Don’t underestimate the power of doing things together.  


Insist On Cooking And Preparing Healthy Meals  

Add veggies to your breakfast, lunch, and dinner main courses. As much as possible, avoid food deliveries from fast food chains as they are stocked with too many calories and lesser vitamins. In here, you can choose the ingredients well and fresh from the market.  


Don’t worry as there are easy recipes online that you can follow. Your partner will slowly get acquainted with green leafy veggies before he even knows that he’s now a healthy individual!  


Reward Small Accomplishments  

Set small and doable eating goals for both you and your partner. However, remember that you should not single him/her out in these goals. Both of you should be together in this. Just take the lead. 


These weekly healthy goals and clean-eating challenges can be the following: 

  • replace ice cream with fruit yogurts and smoothies for days  


The above are just examples. Both of you can talk about it and tailor these challenges based on your needs. Then set up a reward system. You can reward your guy/gal with a date to your favorite restaurant (consider it a cheat day!) or quality time together in amusement parks and spa.  




Shifting to a healthy lifestyle is a kind of relationship goal that will reward each of you physically, emotionally, and mentally. Eating the right food with the right nutritional value has long been proven to have positive effects on these aspects. If you genuinely love your partner, other than disapproving his/her unhealthy habits, then the right thing to do is to teach and foster a healthy way of eating between the two of you.