Never Heard Of Couple Exercises? Try These And Start Getting Fit Together

Never Heard Of Couple Exercises? Try These And Start Getting Fit Together

Scientists claim that couples in happy marriages are more likely to get fat. Interestingly, the rise in satisfaction also means an additional pound. But you don’t want to eat your way to obesity, do you?  



Staying fit and healthy is more of a necessary goal than it is a challenge. All the more for the married couples who plan to spend their life together. They need to be in their best shape to be able to spend more years as a family. 


Here are some exercise routines you could do together as partners. To give you a more precise perspective, you are person A, and your partner is person B. 


Band Jumps 

Position yourself in front of person B, facing away. You must place the band around your waist, then have person B hold the ends with his or her hands. Step a bit forward, making sure there’s a bit of tension in the resistance band. Leap forward (as far as you can), as you bend your knees and send your hips back. Repeat for eight to twelve repetitions, then switch roles. 


Squat With Rotational Pass 

This movement routine is an enjoyable exercise. Stand back to back with person B and drop into a squat. You should be able to maintain this position ALL throughout the exercise. It doesn’t matter whoever holds the medicine or toning ball first. But the key trick is to pass the ball at the chest and rotating from the upper torso, hand it over to person B. Remember, you must still be in your squat position. Repeat this for 8 to 12 reps as well. 


High Low Twist and Pass 

After you’ve done the squat with rotational pass exercise, here’s another routine you could do while standing back to back. Place the medicine ball overhead by holding it on a right diagonal, then pass the medicine ball over your right shoulder so person B could take the ball and swing it down across his or her body. As person B swings down, you’ll both be bending into a squat because you will receive the ball by your left shins. The shape your body draws in this exercise is an oval one. Repeat for 10-15 reps. 



Face partner B, at least 3 feet apart, with your feet wider than shoulder-width apart and hands in your fists next to your chin. Do a squat, then let person B perform round toss kick, kicking the leg over your hands. Switch roles after each turn, and continue doing this until you both have done 50-60 kicks. 


Wheelbarrow Push-Up With A Deadlift 

Get into a plank position on hands and toes. Have person B stand behind you while he or she supports and holds your ankle in each hand. You have to bend your elbow and lower your chest toward the floor, just like a regular plank. Then straighten it back up and keep your knees and back straight. Do this wheelbarrow push up for 20 reps before switching positions with person B. 


Plank High Five 

Drop to a plank together with your partner. Make sure that you are facing each other, with your abs braced in tight to the spine. Just lift your left or right hand and give your partner a high five. Return to your position, then repeat with the other hand. Continue to do so, until you make 50 high fives. 




Remember these pointers. The couple that exercises together get fit together, and gets better together.