Great Health Benefits Of Chickpeas

Great Health Benefits Of Chickpeas




Garbanzo beans otherwise known as Chickpeas is one of the oldest known food sources. Next to soybean, chickpea is the most widely consumed and grown crop in the world. This is not only due to the awesome taste of this food item, but the plethora of health benefits one can get from consuming them. Chickpea provides the human body with a great load of nutrition in the form of vitamins and minerals. It is also a great source of plant-based protein.

Health Benefits of Chickpeas

Controls blood sugar content and is beneficial for diabetics

Since chickpea is a form of legume, it is laden with complex carbohydrate molecules that are different from the traditional form of carbohydrates. This different form of carb is the reason why the body slowly digests Chickpeas and helps maintain a steady level of blood sugar content. Otherwise, when an individual is taking a meal rich in traditional carbohydrates, it is observed that there is a sudden spike in the blood sugar levels. Unlike to a healthy person, this is definitely not a good news for a diabetic.

Aids in digestion and regular bowel movements due to high fiber content




Dietary fiber is essential for healthy digestion by quickly moving the food substance through the digestive tracts. If a person consumes meals rich in dietary fiber then it aids in the prevention of IBS (Irregular Bowel Syndrome) and constipation. Dietary fiber is soluble in water and attaches itself to the walls of the intestines after absorbing water. This acts as a lubricant and helps in the smooth removal of waste from the body. Fiber is also essential for maintaining the pH levels and the balance of the good bacteria in the gut all the while keeping the content of the bad bacteria in check.

Reduces the risks of heart disease and cancer

Chickpea helps in maintaining a balance between the bad and good cholesterol levels in the blood. This aids in reducing hypertension thereby protecting the heart in multiple ways. The added dietary fiber in chickpeas helps the body to egest waste materials thereby preventing the individual to gain excess weight. The arteries and the blood vessels of the circulatory system benefit from the inclusion of chickpeas in the diet as this help in the prevention of plaque in the interior wall surface of the same. These beans help maintain healthy blood pressure levels and also reduce the risks of cardiac arrest and strokes. Consuming chickpeas is also proven to prevent cancerous cells from going on with further cell division and developing more tumors.

Best source for plant based protein




Protein is an essential macronutrient that is essential for proper execution of every possible function of the human body. Muscle development, the formation of hemoglobin, antibodies and overall maintenance of the blood sugar levels is done by protein based diet and also aids in the healing of injuries and wounds.

If a person is not getting enough protein through his/her diet on a regular basis, it can result in muscle weakness, chronic fatigue, low energy content, poor skin quality and even cataracts! As this is a great source of protein this is an ideal choice for vegetarians. As this is an essential macronutrient, one should always opt for this and include the same in his or her platter if the same is not a fan for food items sourced from animals.


Hence, it is clear that there are a number of health benefits of chickpeas. A regular inclusion in your diet can take care of several nutritional needs along with offering health benefits for overall body.