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Relationship Goals: 6 Couple Exercises That Fitspire You To Start Moving

Psychologists say that couple exercises bring not only physical but also relational strength. It provides a good starting point for rebuilding connection while having fun together. It creates a positive atmosphere of camaraderie and support. Also, professionals suggest couple exercises for couples having conflicts.


Fun Ways For Couples To Work Out Together

Have you and your significant other ever planned on working out together? You should try it. Research shows that when people have an exercise partner, especially if this is their significant other, they are less likely to quit on their workout program. In addition to that, working out together is a great way to spice up your relationship and add more intimacy between you two. Here are some fun ways for couples to work out together.…

The Easiest Ways To Encourage Your Partner To Eat Healthily

Having a partner or a lover is like having a buddy with you all the time. Unlike with being single, being in a relationship is like having an extension of yourself. However, the chances are that he or she may have a different lifestyle and eating habits which may not be in line with your healthy style. 



Therapists Approve: Riding A Skateboard Towards A Healthier Life

My parents used to bring me to different therapists because they felt like I had a binge-eating disorder. Even at the age of 7, after all, I could down a whole bucket of chicken and 2 liters of cola. I might add a family-sized pizza to that if I felt too tired after school. Although I knew deep down that their efforts were futile because I did not have such a condition, I could not blame them for thinking that way.

To prove to my parents that their only child is okay, I told them I want to try skateboarding to lose weight.

Why Skateboarding Promotes Fitness

Skateboarding is a sport that will allow you to burn thousands of calories. It may not seem like it can do that because going from one point to another on wheels sounds like a breezy idea. However, staying on top of the deck can be a challenging feat. The skateboard is a manual version of a hover board as well, which means that it will not glide if you simply stand on it. You genuinely have to keep on practicing, so sweating excess calories out is inevitable.

The fats that you will burn can immediately get replaced by muscles. When you already have a skateboard, and you see other skateboarders doing different stunts, you will not be able to stop yourself from wanting to do the same thing. The mentality that “If they can’t do it, why can’t I?” will most likely rein in your heart. When that happens, you may continue to do tricks until the muscles on your legs strengthen and your stamina build up.

2 Skateboards To Check Out For Newbies

Punisher Cherry Blossom Complete Skateboard, Red, 31-Inch

I have been skateboarding since I was 8. Even though I loved the sport all my life, I did not exactly like most of the other skateboard designs because they favor the likes of men with all those loud designs without taking into consideration that there were also female skateboarders, that’s why having a Punisher Cherry Blossom Complete Skateboard had been a dream come true for me. After all, it was not only the right board for my size, but it also has reddish pink and white prints which suits my style.

Its wheels are  good for the eyes because they are made out of ivory and they have Japanese characters which I can’t understand but still liked. They are excellent for those times when I go through ramps or just even on sidewalks with my skating gals and pals.

The free-ride tricks are now easy to perform as well with Punisher Cherry Blossom Complete Skateboard, thanks to its double kick tail and concave deck. They let your feet stay literally on board much, much better than with other boards.

Aside from that, the trucks attached to it need not to be changed because they are already of high quality.


  • Deck: 31 inches x 7.5 inches
  • Concave: Double Kick
  • Wood for Deck: 9-ply Canadian Maple blend
  • Bearings: Polyurethane Cushions; ABEC-5 Bearings
  • Trucks: New Seagull 5” Alloy Trucks
  • Wheels: 54 mm x 36 mm PU Ivory Wheels with Full Graphics
  • Weight: 6 pounds

POSITIV Andy Macdonald Walking Orca Complete Skateboard (Blue, 7.75-Inch)

Every single time that I ride this complete skateboard, I always feel as if I am Andy Macdonald and I am as good as him. It may be a wishful thinking but if you are someone like me who owns a POSITIV Andy Macdonald Walking Orca Complete Skateboard, you will not be able to stop yourself from daydreaming, too.

I got this from a close friend when I had my birthday in 2012, and it was a love at first sight for me towards this skateboard. Its blue design and the Walking Orca logo on its screened bottom never failed to make me feel as if I was 12 again, riding my first skateboard. The only difference is that I am already 20 years old when I got it. I can now say based on experience that this can be called as the “best skateboard” that ever went underneath any skateboarder’s feet.

Its bearings are too smooth and durable that even if I had it more than a year ago, I still haven’t felt the need to change them. It can be used on either street walks or skate parks all the time. Its wheels are too good to be true as well because they are treaded. Meaning, the board can be maneuvered on rocky roads without the wheels falling off or something. And because they are too hard, no spiky materials on the streets can pierce them.


  • Shape: 112
  • Concave: K12
  • Length: 31.75 inches
  • Width: 7.75 inches
  • Wheelbase: 14.0 inches
  • Nose: 6.875 inches
  • Tail: 6.625 inches
  • Bottom: Screened
  • Origin: USA
  • Trucks: Positiv Trucks
  • Bearings: Mini Logo Bearings


Now, if you were in my shoes, and you saw these awesome benefits of skateboarding, won’t you do it towards a healthier life?…

Understanding Therapy For Sports Athletes

Being a sports athlete can be challenging and exciting all at the same time. Of course, you will feel happy most of the time because you are doing something that you are passionate about. It is only logical for someone to feel great whenever he focuses on things that he is passionate about. On the other hand, there are also days when you would feel too much pressure and stress, especially at times when people expect much from you. It is one of the reasons why many famous athletes admit to having therapy sessions for their own sake.


The sad thing about our society these days is that many people think that therapy is only for those who are mentally incapacitated. The truth is that the issue of choosing a therapist or counselor is still considered as taboo in many societies. Unfortunately, some individuals still judge negatively those who choose to seek professional help. If you are an athlete who wants to start therapy as soon as possible, we highly recommend that you read this article from start to bottom. Below are the top things to remember about therapy for sports athlete s:

Choose The Best Therapist

The first step that you must do is to select a therapist who is perfect to handle your case. As much as possible, take all the time you need to look for this professional so that you will not end up having regrets. Keep in mind that there are already tons of therapists who are providing their services to the public. What you have to do is to choose one who clearly stands out from the rest. You can also consider asking for referrals or recommendations from the people you know.


Stop Thinking About Other People

Now is the time to prioritize yourself above all else. Stop thinking about what others might say if they find out that you are talking to a therapist. Instead, remember that you deserve all the help and support needed to overcome your struggles and mental-health related issues. It is crucial to act fast so that the therapist can still prevent or treat any disorder such as addiction or depression. The best thing to do is to focus on yourself first.

Therapy Sessions Can Be Expensive

While most therapists and counselors offer their services for the sole purpose of helping others, we cannot deny the fact that they also do it for the money. As such, you have to prepare for the professional fees that these individuals may collect after each session. It is best to discuss this matter before you officially hire someone to be your therapist. Take note that money issues must be considered at this point. You must set aside a budget for the sessions as they can be added costs to your monthly expenses. Do not worry because every penny spent for it will be worth it. 

Cooperation Is Essential

Another vital thing that you must keep in mind is the significance of the therapy sessions. As much as possible, never miss an appointment with your therapist. Otherwise, you will still be charged for a fee even if you did not show up. At the same time, you must understand the need to cooperate during the sessions so that you can enjoy the benefits. Remember that your participation is highly required to make the therapy meetings work. Otherwise, you will only keep on wasting your money on the fees without getting the desired results.


Never Lie To Your Therapist

In connection to the previous paragraph, you must also take note that it is never okay to lie to somebody, most particularly if that other person is your therapist. Keep in mind that lying about your thoughts and emotions will harm no one else but you. It is why you must make an effort to have an honest and open line of communication with your chosen mental health expert. Do not lie about the situation that you are going through because it will prevent the latter from helping you in the best way that he can. There is no point of concealing information because everything you reveal to him is protected by therapist-client privilege communication rule.

Therapy is ideal for sports athletes. Make sure to try it regardless of what others may say.…

Tips To Getting Fit In 2019

Now that the new year has finally set in, it is time for everyone to become more health conscious than ever. The first thing that you need to consider is to start losing weight, especially if you are already experiencing some health issues. As much as possible, make it a top priority for 2019 to introduce a new lifestyle for yourself and encourage your family members to do the same. Take note that the process is quite challenging. It is not going to be easy, but it will be worth it in the end.


In this article, we are going to provide you with a list of the tips and tricks that you can follow to ensure that you can get fit in 2019. Make sure to understand and remember with these strategies so that you can use them for your advantage:

Watch Out Your Food Intake

What you eat says a lot about who you are. If possible, avoid food choices that are high in fat, cholesterol, sugar, and carbohydrates. As an alternative, eat more green leafy vegetables as well as healthy fruits. Do not spoil yourself by choosing only the dishes that you love most. The smart move that you can do at this point is to come up with a strict balance diet and promise yourself to stick with it. It is going to be challenging in the beginning, but you will eventually get used to it.


 Exercise Regularly

Find time to go to the gym or do your morning runs around your village. Do not let a single day pass without getting involved in physical activity. Keep in mind that sometimes, you need to de-stress by exercising. According to a recent study, engaging in physical activity is not only effective for losing weight but also for improving one’s mood. If you continue to do it regularly, then there is a high tendency that you will become happier.

Stop Making Excuses

Never forget to remind yourself of the reason why you started to follow a healthy lifestyle in the first place. Everyone knows that this journey is not an easy one. You may have a hard time to adjust from your old ways into a new one. Moreover, you may find out that healthier food options are not good tasting compared to the unhealthy ones. During these times, the right thing to do is to keep on motivating yourself. Stop making excuses for your shortcomings and do everything you can to make things right.

Create A Plan

Now that you have already determined your goals and objectives, the next thing to do is to come up with a plan. Write everything down in a journal so that you can keep track of your progress. In the same journal, be sure to write about the short term and long term plans that you can think of. Do not pressure yourself because this plan will only serve as guidance for you. What is essential is for you to set contingency plans so that you will always be prepared.

Find A Fitness Buddy

Going to the gym can be a dragging and exhausting activity, especially if you have no one to share the moment with. For this reason, it is highly suggested for you to find someone whom you can exercise with. This person can be a close friend, a family member or even a lover. Do not rush the process of choosing the fitness buddy so that you can avoid making a mistake. Look for someone whom you can be comfortable around.


ing to the gym can be a dragging and exhausting activity, especially if you have no one to share the moment with. For this reason, it is highly suggested for you to find someone whom you can exercise with. This person can be a close friend, a family member or even a lover. Do not rush the process of choosing the fitness buddy so that you can avoid making a mistake. Look for someone whom you can be comfortable around.

Attend Free Fitness Classes

The good news is that many people are now interested in losing weight or getting fit. Because of this, several establishments or organizations conduct free exercise activities to interested participants. Anyone can join the class as long as you are interested in participating. The exciting part about this is you do not need to pay anything. All you have to do is to show up for the free class, and you can already enjoy the perks.

Believe In Yourself

As already mentioned above, your goal of losing weight can be a tough challenge to accomplish. You will experience a hard time getting the body you want. The reason behind this is that success in getting fit does not happen overnight. It requires patience and an understanding of valuable life lessons. On your part, all that you have to do is never to stop believing in yourself. Whenever you feel like giving up, remind yourself why you started to work here in the first place.

Do not let 2019 end without achieving your goals. It can be a whole new struggle, but it will be worth it in the end. Put your heart and mind into it. Stop listening to the hesitations and doubts of the people surrounding you.…

Depression And Anxiety: Exercise Eases The Symptoms

It has been proven that exercise can alleviate depression and anxiety symptoms. How come? Well, when a person exercises, it releases a hormone called endorphins. This is often referred to as the “happy” hormones. Generally, you will feel better all over. So it is very highly unlikely that you will feel depressed or anxious during or after a workout because science says it’s not possible.…

When The Gym Fails, Depression Kicks In

My best friend, Ann, has always been a little bit chubby since we were kids.  As we approached adolescent age, she became more conscious of her appearance.  She has tried dieting, but she finds it hard to resist eating.  Another friend of ours gave her the idea of why not try going to the gym.


She did get a part-time job to pay for the membership fee.  She was enthusiastic about it at first.  She has high hopes that this time, she will lose some weight.  A few months had passed, but nothing much has changed.  The used to be three times a week in the gym becomes twice, then once, until she just gave up.


I noticed that she no longer joins us that much, started missing our classes, and even quit her part-time job.  I started to worry about Ann.


It was the second time that week that she missed school again.  I decided to drop by their house after class.   Her mom told me she’s sick, and won’t see anyone, but I insisted.  I climbed her room, and saw her just sitting by her table.  I sneaked in and she was surprised.   She has no more alibis this time.  She looks well except for one thing I noticed.   There’s loneliness and a look of disappointment in her eyes.   The used to be jolly Ann was not in the room with me.


She told me she was suffering from depression and was seeing a therapist.  The diet and gym both ineffective in helping her to lose weight are the culprit.  She feels humiliated by the extra pounds she keeps on gaining and the big size of her body.  She was afraid that no boys would like her while we are all already dating.



In the gym, she was asked to do many exhausting workouts to no avail.   She met a lot of people who used to be like her but was able to achieve the weight they’re aiming for.  They seemed happy as they come in and out of the gym.  That made her more depressed.  Why not her?  She was asking herself, what’s wrong with her.


There are instances when gym and dieting are not to be blamed, and you don’t have to be sad.


There are other reasons why you are not losing weight no matter how much effort you put into exercising.



Your genes can play a significant role why you are continuously gaining weight or why you were chubby since childhood.  You are likely to be in the heavy weight side if you have obese parents, though that is not always the case.



Slow metabolism can cause you to gain more weight.  You tend to burn fewer calories than others.



Not having adequate amount of sleep is hazardous to your health and may threaten your waist line size.  A new research conducted in Sweden recommend that you must pay attention to your sleep.  Not having enough hours of sleep can lead to weight gain.  People with chronic sleep problems or those working in irregular shifts are likely to develop a slow down in their metabolism.




Why are you hitting the gym?  Are you committed to going to the gym in order to lose those pounds, or to become healthy?


In anything you do, it is essential to know what your long-term goal is.  It is where you got to set your mind to in order to achieve success.  Exercising to stay healthy is better than focusing on losing weight.  It will make you treat going to the gym more of a normal routine that your body needs (like eating and sleeping) rather than an obligation or a sacrifice (you got to do in order to lose weight).


Being committed to your health and well-being, physically and mentally, is far more important than any pound you are trying so hard to lose.…

Top 10 Superfoods And Why It’s Good For You


Superfoods are nutrient-rich sources of large doses of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. These are mostly from vegetables and fruits. They shield our bodies from chronic diseases like cancer, diabetes, hypertension, and arthritis. Like a double-edged sword, our diet can keep us very healthy or can worsen our health that we get sick in the process. Thus, it is important to know which food to consume to help us maintain a clean bill of health.  Below are some of the best superfoods you can find in your favorite markets, which has been a practice in this organization: …