4 Dumbbell Exercises For Full Body Burn

4 Dumbbell Exercises For Full Body Burn


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Workout sessions are indeed a strenuous activity especially to those who are always looking for an easy way to their dream physique. The best way to attain a shape of your dreams in a minimum amount of time is through compound workout sessions. A compound workout is that which combines two or more exercises in one rep. This maximizes the number of muscles you need to involve and flex to complete the rep efficiently. This is beneficial for those who want to strengthen their heart and circulatory system. The following workouts involve the usage of dumbbells instead of weight machines as the former is more efficient than the latter in these kinds of sessions due to their flexibility and portability.

1.Renegade Row to Frogger


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Ideal for: Glutes, arms and core muscles

Get into the high plank position with each hand holding a dumbbell and your wrists directly over your shoulders. Keep your feet slightly wider than the hip distance for preventing your body from rocking sideways. Push into the dumbbell on the left all the while rowing the right one upward towards you. Retract your right shoulder and pull in your right elbow to your side. Follow this whole process for your left side. Without pausing, jump your feet forward in such a way that the same lands outside and in between your hands. Let go of the dumbbells and bring them up to your chest. This is the completion of one rep. Repeat the same till you feel fatigued.

2. Reverse Lunge and Curl


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Ideal for: Biceps and glutes

Keep your feet at hip distance apart and hold one dumbbell in each hand and keep them at your sides. Step back with your right foot and go low towards the floor till your knees make an angle of 90 degrees. Keep this in mind that your right knee is lowered just above the floor and as you are bringing your right leg up to a standing position, perform a bicep curl. This makes one rep, continue doing so with interchanging sides.

3. Dumbbell Squat to Press


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Ideal for: Arms, glutes and shoulders

To start off, hold one dumbbell in each hand and keep your feet at hip distance apart. Bring up your hands up to the rack position and squat down all the while putting your body weight on the heels and not on the toes. Now, when you are standing back up, bring the dumbbells up to the overhead from your shoulder level. Keep the dumbbells in this position and then lower them down. This marks the completion of one rep, repeat the same until fatigue takes a hold.


4. High Pull Lateral Lunge


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Ideal for: Core, back and glute muscles

Stand and keep your feet at hip distance apart from each other all the while holding a dumbbell in each hand placed slightly in front of you. Lean forward while keeping your back straight and as you stand back up, tighten up your glutes. As you fully stand back up, bring the dumbbells up to the height of your shoulders and bend the elbows outwards to the sides. Take a step towards the right direction and push your butt back towards the ground in a single lateral lunge. Try to get your right thigh in such a position that it is parallel to the floor and while doing so, bring the dumbbells down at the level of your feet. Now stand up and bring your right leg and left one at hip distance from each other. This marks the completion of one rep. repeat the whole process exactly on the other leg and continue interchanging as long as you can endure.