2016 Boston Fitness Festival: Achieving Health And Wellness Goals Through Fun And Exciting Workout Routines

2016 Boston Fitness Festival: Achieving Health And Wellness Goals Through Fun And Exciting Workout Routines

The 2016 Boston Fitness Festival brings together exercise junkies all over the state to celebrate the importance of physical wellness. The event highlights that attaining fitness goals does not have to be stressful and strenuous. New workout routines are now designed to be engaging, relaxing and enjoyable.

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There are times that motivation is lost because exercise feels like a taxing activity. After a few days in the gym, laziness creeps in and quitting is not far-fetched. Body goals then are not met because of the failure of making fitness a lifestyle.

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Therefore, to keep the motivation and dedication, the element of fun is very important. Fortunately, many workout routines are designed to be engaging and enjoyable, here are a few:

1.    Strong By Zumba

It is not the regular Latin dance workout. Strong by Zumba covers a wide variety of exercises from shadow boxing to body toning. It is a full body workout that targets cardio endurance and muscle strength. It makes use of upbeat synced music to keep you motivated and feeling pumped throughout the workout.

2.    RPM Indoor Cycling

RPM stands for ‘rotations per minute”. It is a workout designed to improve leg strength through high-intensity cycling exercises. This routine is often done in a class so that the cycling instructor can guide you accordingly to achieve optimal results and prevent injury.

3.    Body Balance

Body Balance is a variant of yoga. The routine has elements of Tai Chi and Pilates. While improving strength and flexibility, you will find yourself relaxed and at peace while stretching because of the soothing music designed to match the movements in the workout

4.    Body Pump

It is a group workout routine making use of weights to build body strength. Up to 540 calories will be burned in the 30-50 minute duration of the class. According to professionals, this is scientifically proven to improve muscular strength and endurance giving you a toned body in no time through the REP Effect.

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By avoiding a sedentary lifestyle and making it a habit of exercising regularly, beneficial mental and physical effects are achieved. Therefore, by maintaining a workout routine, you do develop not only a strong body but also a healthy mind. Thus, achieving overall wellness